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Golden Glamour Select Velvet Lipstick

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Product Brief:

Launch Time:01/09/2020

  • Black cap with silky touch
  • Golden lettering logo
  • Matte, silky surface

Inspiration Brief:

Golden Crush On Lip

In the 1920s, liberal avant-garde women broke through the secular shackles and began to express themselves by removing their girdles and putting on gold and glitzy gowns in a feast of gorgeous dreams that lasted day and night. Inspired by the iconic Art Deco style of the 1920s and the extravagant feast in the 1920s, Perfect Diary launched a new series of Golden Glamour Select Velvet Lipstick, offering outstanding, luxurious colours in a luminous matte formula


Basic Information:

Nickname:Golden Glamour Select Velvet Lipstick

  • The Golden Set features 4 select colors, offering hydration and radiance with a velvety, golden glimmering finish.

Weight: 1.5g*4

Scent: vanilla

Selling Points:

【Velvet Cream Finish】Contains high saturated pigment molecules, perfectly covering your original lip colour. New velvet formula for full pigments and royal elegance as a luxury gown.

【Glossy Golden Glitters】  Formulated with glossy-glitter pigments, which was more shiny than the usual mica-based pearl powder. It fuses velvet with golden glitter to create a classic glimmering finish

【Undetectable feel】Formulated with imported Japanese raw materials, the super fine red bean paste texture allows for undetectable feel on your lips

【Long-lasting wear】Employs advanced double fitting technology for ultimate comfort. The instant thin film locks pigments effectively without smudging

Application : Use the applicator to apply one even coat across the lips, starting from the centre and gliding outwards.



 Precautions for consumer:
Opening: Please half open the set, which carries magnet adsorption. There are hand-added ribbons on the left and right sides of the set to fix the opening Angle of the box is fixed at about 45 degrees, please avoiding pulling or opening the box to 180 degrees. Open and close the box lightly, or it will tear easily.




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