3 steps to choose the best curled lashes with an eyelash brush and mascara!

The quality of your eyelash brush and mascara, and the technique of applying them are very important for creating long curled lashes. They are also the key to making the whole look more eye-catching. So, how should we pick out the best product for ourselves?

Step 1: Pick the right lash brush head for your needs
There are three main types of eyelash brushes on the market, and we can choose the right one for our needs.

Slim: Slim eyelash brushes generally have short bristles with large gaps and can be applied thickly to create a natural lengthening effect, for girls with short lashes and moderate eyelash volume.

Curly: The brush head has a moderate density of bristles to create curly eyelashes, and most of the bristles have a curved curve to make the eyebrows fit better with the brush, which is suitable for girls with drooping eyelashes and can easily create curly eyes.

Thick: The thick type of brush head in order to maintain the viscosity between the mascara fibers, the gap between the bristles is small, the brush head dipped in mascara after the paste attached to the brush head groove, can make the original sparse eyelashes, become thick and natural.

Step 2: Choose the best mascara to enlarge your eyes
Picking the right mascara is also crucial to the look, and we can choose the best mascara in the following ways

1. Bristle density
In terms of bristle density, mascara bristles are generally not too dense, and the bristles are usually stiff and tough, making it easy to comb through each lash to achieve a well-defined look.

Most mascaras with denser bristles have a significant thickening effect, leaving more cream and fiber on the lashes to achieve a thicker look.

2. Bristle length
In terms of the length of the bristles, long brushes usually thicken and lengthen lashes, while short brushes curl and hold lashes in place, while short brushes comb lashes from the inside out, allowing lashes to be further defined.

In addition, the shorter bristles are more delicate on the corners of the eyes and lower lashes, unlike long brushes that can easily brush into the skin of the eyes and face.

3. Use with mascara
For those who are looking for the best look, using different brush heads together will give the perfect result. For example, using a long brush head will give you the perfect effect. For example, use a mascara with a long brush head for the upper face lashes, and then use a mascara with a short brush head for the lower face lashes.

4. Mascara colors
There are a variety of mascara colors. In addition to the common black and brown, there are also orange and red colors. Except for those who want a special effect, black and brown is enough for everyday use.

If you want to dazzle and brighten your eyelashes, then stick to the principle of using whatever color your skin is. Coffee colored mascara is not suitable for dull yellow skin, and it is also best not to choose blue if you have a lot of blemishes on your face.

even the tiniest hairs, resulting in gorgeously distinguished, out-to-there lashes

High Definition Long Lasting Multi Function Mascara from Perfect Diary is highly recommended if you are looking for a long,thin and long lasting effect. The extremely fine brush head is great for creating well-defined lashes and a natural, clear look.

grab each lash right from the roots and clump out any excess mascara resting

If you want curlier, thicker lashes, use Wide Angle Overcurl Lengthening Mascara to keep your lashes curled and glamorous all day long. Fast drying keeps you away from smudging and gives you a faster beautiful finish.

The final step: avoid the wrong use of the eyelash brush

1. Pay attention to the use period
Many careless girls use mascara until it hardens. But mascara has a lifespan of about 3 months, so it's best not to use it beyond that period to prevent damage to your eyes.

2. Repeated application of mascara
To ensure a thicker effect, many girls will emphasize their eyelashes over and over again, which happens to be the biggest cause of cockroach legs. The best results are usually achieved by brushing the eyelashes 2 times, both to achieve volume and beauty, and not to overload the makeup traces.

3. Always plug and unplug your mascara brush
In addition to the time factor, frequent contact with the air will also increase the speed of decay of mascara. So don't plug and unplug your mascara brush too often, apply it as fast as possible, and tighten it after use.