Soft-velvet Blurring Loose Powder


Product Description

Brand: Perfect Diary

Product: Weightless Soft-Velvet Blurring Loose Powder

Key Effects

  • Lightweight wear: Feels weightless with no texture or cake-effect
  • Oil-control: Controls oil and set your makeup for 12 hours ⁣
  • Blur imperfections: Visibly blurs pores, fine lines, and imperfections

Shade Guide

01 Translucent
02 Fair skin tone
04 Medium beige
05 Golden medium
01 Translucent (No brush)
02 Fair skin tone (No brush)

Main Ingredient

Royal jelly extract: Contains 8 essential amino acids to achieve a healthy skin balance
Inositol Essence: Originated from rice bran enhancing skin moisture
Grapeseed: Contains a variety of microelements for anti-oxidation

How to Apply
Step 1: Press the puff into the loose powder ⁣
Step 2: Work the powder into the puff by folding and rubbing the halves together, or by tapping the powdered side vigorously on your hand ⁣
Step 3: Gently press puff onto skin, using a rolling motion to "work" the powder in ⁣

Expiry and Care Instruction
Shelf Life: 3 years
Warm Tips: Store in a cool dry place. Do not put under direct sunlight.

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