With ‘Unlimited Beauty’ in our core belief, we encourage the young generation not to be bounded by labels, but to embrace their uniqueness and expand the endless possibilities in lives.

Partnering with leading beauty companies like Intercos and Cosmax, we have developed full lines of cosmetics products, with over 700 SKUs.


Perfect Diary focuses on the exploration, modelization and expression of beauty, providing everyone with a beauty experience that is within reach and beyond expectation.


1.Established in 2017, Perfect Diary has become the NO.1 beauty brand among T-mall young followers of domestic products in 2019..
Within 3 years, Perfect Diary has become the most popular domestic beauty brand in China.

2.Together with Huawei and Lining, Perfect Diary has been ranked Top 3 most popular brands among Chinese Gen-Z consumers.

3. In 2019, Perfect Diary was ranked the No.1 color cosmetics brand and Top 3 beauty brand on T-mall. During Double 11 promotion, Perfect Diary had been the first Chinese brand ever to win the championship in beauty category, as well as in the categories of color palette, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. 


We are dedicated to capturing global fashion trends.

We are committed to developing high-quality and well-designed cosmetics for young generation.

We are determined to fully support the global fashion industry.

We tend to encourage the younger generation to go beyond themselves and actively explore endless possibilities in lives.

We look forward to becoming the creator and leader of the future of beauty, by empowering everyone to get easier access to beauty and ultimately be beauty free.

We focus on the exploration, reconstruction and expression of beauty.



There is no end to the pursuit of perfection. Our beauty experience is within your reach and beyond your expectation.


There is no end to the pursuit of perfection. Our beauty experience is within your reach and beyond your expectation. 


We encourage all to express themselves. Through unique and original beauty products, we support everyone to realize and demonstrate their own beauty.


We love and respect the uniqueness of each individual, and embrace the diversity of beauty in the world. We are committed to becoming an international beauty icon.


THE 2019 WORLD BRANDS FOUNDATION award: Best Cosmetic Brand
2019 WWD BEAUTYINC × MEIYA AWARDS: New Brand of the Year.
2019 ELLE Beauty Star Awards: The creative crossover power award.
The Fifth China Cosmetics Innovation Conference - Black swan: Future brand.
COSMO Beauty Award - PINK POWER: Environmental public welfare award.
SINA Fashion & Youth, new power list: "Hard core" crossover products
Harper’s Bazaar beauty awards: Eye-shadow of the Year