Blending Brushes: Help You Find the Best One

To get a flawless, airbrushed look that will give you the confidence to tackle your day, blending brushes are essential. However, the wide range of brushes on the market might make the purchasing process difficult. Let's discuss various brush kinds to aid in your decision-making.

Makeup brush guide

Although it may not seem like math and makeup go together, every look can be achieved by solving an equation, which involves selecting the ideal product, shades, and application tools.

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While picking the appropriate items is crucial, using a makeup brush made just for each product to apply it with is the secret to attaining the result you want. So, the brush you used may be to blame if you have ever applied a full-coverage foundation and ended up with a streaky or blotchy result. The same is true if you can't draw a perfect cat eye.

Your final makeup result can be significantly impacted by the makeup brushes you use. As a result, it is crucial to select the right brush for your intended outcome. While a foundation brush with looser, fluffier bristles can be used to gently sweep the product on in finer layers, a dense brush with short bristles can help you achieve stronger coverage. The notion nevertheless holds true for all brushes and the products you're utilizing.

Recommended blending brushes

Stippling Brush

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An eye-catching feature of a stippled brush is the presence of two different lengths of fibers. The majority of the brush is densely packed with long threads throughout. Stippling brushes are excellent for applying various shades of makeup. Using this kind of equipment, blush, foundation, and primer may be applied together without any issues.

Stippling brushes can be used with powders, but they work best with cream blush or liquid foundation. It works nicely as a blending brush to give your skin a lovely, even covering.

Apply cream foundation or blush by dabbing some on the back of your hand, then carefully dipping a brush into the product and stippling it onto the face. Push the brush down onto your face in gentle strokes. Imagine a soft makeup pogo stick. It's time to use those longer bristles after the initial stipples. Use the longer bristles to gently press down while gently swirling the product. Avoid applying too much pressure to the bristles because doing so will result in puddles of makeup, which so far isn't a popular beauty trend.

Kabuki Brush

Some of the most impressive-looking brushes are kabuki ones. Although they sometimes come in bigger sizes with densely packed fibers, you can also find smaller, travel-friendly kabuki brushes. On the body and face, it is better to use them with loose powders.

Furthermore, excellent for blush and powder foundation, and kabuki brushes. Apply the concentrated product carefully using broad, circular strokes after swirling the brush in the makeup and tapping off any excess.

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With a kabuki brush, you can also set your makeup with setting powder. Just dunk it into the product and apply it evenly to your face. Be cautious not to push too firmly to prevent displacing the application of your blush or highlighter.

Tapered blending brush

We advise using a tapered blending brush if you want a more accurate blend. These brushes' slightly pointed tips enable you to concentrate on diffusing a specific area for a seamless transition between hues and to provide a uniform appearance. Also, these brushes work well for applying color in smaller, more confined spaces, such as the lashline, inner or outer corners, etc.

Detail blending brush

Detail blending brushes are the smallest blending brushes and are essential for detailed eye looks and difficult-to-reach regions. These exact brushes enable you to achieve a regulated blend regardless of the size or form of your eye. They are ideal for blending the outer corners of your eye or adding a flash of glitter to the inner corner. Yet, these brushes are especially effective on small or hooded eyes.