How to choose the best Powder Brush?

About the introduction of the powder brush, it will totally include powder brushes, contour brushes, blush brushes. How to choose them? There is also a method.


Let's talk about the characteristics of this type of brush with dry makeup first. First of all, their hair is not as densely arranged as the foundation brush, and it is relatively loose. The density of the brush hair is related to the powder grasping power. No matter whether you use loose powder, shadow or blush, you do not need to overdo it. The ability to stick powder of loose brushes is not strong, just right for setting makeup or contouring.


There are also many types of brush heads on the market for powder brushes/contouring brushes, and the common ones are conical, flat, inclined, fan-shaped and round.


Cone Brush

Often used with loose powder, blush.


The length of the tapered bristles is relatively long, and the tapered brush head is especially suitable for brushing the apple muscle at an upward angle or sweeping the whole face with a tap. Because the bevel of the brush is wide, the powder grasping force is moderate and average, and the face is evenly applied, which is suitable for any face shape.


Flat Head Brush

Often used with shadow powder, as a contour brush.


Flat brushes are more suitable for contouring the jawline, both circular and straight back and forth. In other places where the skin may be sunken, it is not so convenient to use a flat brush.


Beveled Brush

Often paired with blush and highlight/shadow powder.


Beveled brush heads are the most common foundation brushes. The bevel is more suitable for people's facial lines, and the beveled brush generally only has a partial bevel, unlike the tapered brush, which is beveled on all sides. Slanted brushes are more suitable for small areas of contouring than tapered brushes, such as highlights near the apples and shadows on the cheeks.


Fan Brush

Often used as highlighter brush or remaining powder brush

The fan brush is not strong enough to hold much powder, and the shape is very flat. It is especially suitable for the highlights in the upper and narrow areas, such as the highlight between the eyes and the cheek. Sweep a few times with the remaining powder brush.


Of course, the fan-shaped brush is more commonly used as a residual powder brush. Generally, after the loose powder is set, you can use the residual powder brush to gently sweep a few times from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside, and brush off the excess loose powder, which can prevent the loose powder from caking after oil is released.


Round head Brush

Almost everything, powder / contouring (shadow and highlight) / blush can be matched.


Round heads are also very common in contouring brushes, and the shape is a compromise among the above brush heads, so the functions are more versatile. If your budget is limited, you can choose a round head. But the almighty means that the brush head may not have a specific character and the powder control is not accurate, of course, it has a certain relationship with the method.


About Size

1. Recommended Choice

In the brush, the smaller the size, the denser the brush is, and the stronger the powder grasping capacity will be. You should choose the size according to the emphasis on your powder application. Here are a few suggestions for your reference:


The large size round head/cone/bevel brush is suitable for sweeping the whole face or applying blush in a large area;


Medium sized round/beveled brush for shadows and highlights. You can also use blush, but be careful not to take too much blush; (non-powder blush is best to use artificial brushes or other tools, animal hair sticking to moisture and grease may affect the service life)


Small-sized round head/bevel brushes are suitable for local contouring. For example, small-sized bevel brushes are especially suitable for nose shadow brushes, and small-sized round head brushes are suitable for sweeping highlights on lips and chin.


2. How to define the size of the brush?

There is no specific standard to define the size of a brush, and each brand of brush also has its own size setting. As for how many or small brushes to use, it is up to you to estimate the size of your face. After all, what suits you is the best.


Hereby I will introduce you some powder makeup products to match these tools:

  1. Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder

This one is extremely shined, you can use it in both cheekbones and body, looks gorgeous and enhances glow with its diamond finish.


  1. Weightless Soft-velvet Blurring Loose Powder

A silky powder with soft-focus technology that blurs imperfections and offers oil control.

Feels weightless, controls oil and sets your makeup for 12 hours, and fine lines.


  1. Our New Product: Soft Color Blush

Velvet Smooth - Comes in our proprietary velvet matte texture, with powder wrapped by macadamia nut seed oil. With the right balance between wet and dry performance the powder, delivers a seamless and poreless finish and helps fake a blush.


The above is all, hope you can find best tools and products for you, and be happy in making up~