Makeup Basics: What is Spoolie Brush & How to Use the right way?

The spoolie brush is one of the most discussed makeup accessories one can have and comes with many basic skills that one may need to acquire over time. In this blog post, we will talk about all of them so stick around.

If you're new to makeup, you might have overheard your favorite beauty experts discussing how they apply their eye makeup with a spoolie. Furthermore, if you're new to makeup, the term might not be familiar. It's likely that you immediately turned to Google to learn what and how to use this makeup product. You're in good hands if you've ended yourself here. 

The foundation brushes that impart an airbrush finish or cosmetic blending sponges are frequently singled out for praise when discussing beauty products. The precision of stiff, angled eyeliner brushes is lauded, and the appropriate powder brushes may apply a veil so velvety and fine that your pores may disappear. This type of eye makeup brush, however, is unquestionably the group's unsung hero.

What is a Spoolie Brush?

Imagine a mascara wand without any mascara on it. Got it? An exact match for this type of eye makeup brush! Unknowingly, you've probably used these before, which are common tools. Whenever you purchase eyebrow makeup, it frequently comes with this brush. There are eyebrow pencils with these brushes on the other end and brow gels and pomades with their very own double-ended brush, which has an angled brush on one side and this brush on the other. What is this used for now? They must consider it to be quite essential if they offer so many things! The purpose of this brush is to contour, blend, and comb through your brows. 

The best spoolie brushes, for example, can style and shape your brows as well as de-clump your mascara for a faultless flutter. If you have a bar of soap on hand, you might accidentally retire your beloved brow gel early. "Soap Brow" techniques are acclaimed by cosmetic professionals and drag queens alike as a failsafe brow styling tip all over the internet. To achieve the shape you want for your brows, wet your brush, lightly scrape it against a bar of soap (if you use too much pressure, the soap will form a lather), and then brush your brows in the direction of hair development.

How to use Spoolie Brush?

coats individual lashes from root to tip naturally

Start by outlining the lower arch of the brow by dipping the brush end into your preferred emollient-based brow product like the Wide Angle Overcurl Lengthening Mascara from Perfect Diary. Next, brush brow hairs downward and begin filling in the brow's tail in the direction that the hair grows naturally. Use this brush to mix continually throughout the application for the appearance that looks the most natural. To complete, delicately detail the brow's front in the direction that the hair grows naturally.

How to maintain a Spoolie Brush?

Determine the material of your brush before cleaning it, advises Chanel Temple, a global makeup artist for Hourglass Cosmetics. Most are composed of synthetic nylon, which Temple claims is simple to clean. To sterilize and remove product buildup from synthetic bristles, all you need is a paper towel and a makeup brush cleaning solution. Your brush will be spotless if you apply the formula immediately on the brush before twisting it in the paper towel. Next, let your brush air dry for the next day before using it once more.

It is advised to use a brush shampoo if your brush is made of boar hair or natural bristles. Place a tiny bit of the shampoo on the palm of your hand after running your brush underwater. Repeatedly go back and forth over your hand's palm. Once the brush has foamed, give it a good wash under the faucet to remove all of the suds. To completely dry it, put your brush out overnight. Pat it dry with a towel and you are good to go.