Proud and bold, more inspiration about pride makeup

Pride makeup is a trend in the streets every June. This time of year, the rainbow becomes the most common element of everyone's makeup - the biggest support for the LGBTQ community.

You may know that the rainbow flag - created by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 - is used as a symbol of LGBTQ pride. But did you know that each of the colors on the flag has its own meaning? Among the widely known six colors of the flag, red represents life, orange represents healing, yellow represents sunshine, green represents nature, blue represents harmony, and purple represents spirit.

What kind of pride makeup should we wear to celebrate such a moment? With creativity and boldness as our theme, we offer you the following makeup-inspired references so that you can carry a beautiful look that screams for the right this rainbow month.

Absolutely brilliant rainbow colors
Rainbow colors are the biggest theme of the pride makeup, so we can make our eye makeup colorful by simply drawing the rainbow on our face.

A good rule of thumb for makeup application is that if you have applied a bright color or dramatic look to one part of your face, you should keep the rest of your makeup light and simple. However, this is not necessarily the case with rainbow makeup. You can apply bright colors on your eyes, cheeks, and lips at the same time.

One thing to keep in mind is matching too much. If your rainbow eye makeup includes bright pink eyeshadow, don't choose a similar bright pink blush for your cheeks. Matching different parts of your makeup when using bright or dark colors can create an unnaturally exaggerated look, which is usually very unwelcome.

It is also important to consider your skin tone when choosing makeup products. If the color you choose for your makeup matches the undertones of your skin, you may end up looking faded instead of achieving the bright look that iridescent makeup should elicit.

If you have pale skin with blue undertones, avoid using blue eyeshadow. For those who have pink undertones, choose your blush colors carefully to ensure that they are darker or lighter than your natural skin undertones. If you have darker skin with orange undertones, try using a warm color like yellow or gold instead of orange or red.

14 different eyeshadow palettes to offer an infinite choice of effects

The Explorer Eyeshadow Palette by Perfect Diary is very rich in color. If you want to have a rainbow of eyeshadows, this collection of eyeshadow palettes will find all the colors you need for you.

Glitter, glitter, and more glitter

show-stopping sparkle all over the face and body

More glitter is an important element of this celebratory moment and you can make them shine by applying Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder on your cheeks, nose and let them shine. You can also use makeup glitter, that dense colorful sparkle that makes you look dazzling and bold.

Apply glitter to the end of your eyes for a glamorous fishtail look, or glitter to your eyelids as if they were covered in diamonds. You can even put glitter all over your lips, which is sexy, but be careful not to swallow them.

Lines, shapes, and artistic finger

with external temperature changes and prevent leaking

Various lines can also give your makeup an artistic and festive cheer. The Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner can help you draw a variety of detailed, sophisticated lines. For example, you can simply draw a curve on your eyelid, or you can use your imagination to draw butterflies, flowers, and other various elements on your face.

If you are not confident in your drawing skills, you can also just buy some face stickers and paste them anywhere on your cheeks, so easily, we can have a delicate graffiti makeup.

Fuller, and brighter lips

create a natural and semi matte lips finish

In pride makeup, we don't have to think too much about matching the intensity and lightness of the makeup. You can go ahead and apply a bright lipstick under a colorful eye makeup. Weightless Velvet Lip Stain by Perfect Diary has an intense color that will give you more power and confidence. You can layer glitter over the lipstick to achieve a more beautiful effect.

Our gorgeous makeup can add more color to Pride Month, you just need to shine, the world will shine for you.