Shaping Lips, Get Perfect Lips by Makeup

How to shape your lips? Lips are the part we must consider when making up. If you want to make the whole makeup look more perfect, the makeup skills of lips are the part you can't ignore. In the following, let's talk about how to create a perfect lip shape.


Know Your Lips Shape Is the First Step in Shaping Lips

When we apply lip makeup, the first thing to consider is our lip shape. Everyone's lip shape is different, so we also need to adjust different makeup methods accordingly to get the effect we want.

  1. Thin lips

Thin lips make us look delicate, and sometimes mean. If you want a sexy thick lip, follow the technique to draw thin lips, thin lips can also be turned up: first, find out the position of the lip peak and the thickness of the lower lip you want, then use a lip pencil to outline the lip shape and then fill it in, and then use dark lipstick to create a shadow in the lips, while the center of the upper lip can be brightened with a measuring cake or a glossy lip gloss, so that not only does the lip look plump and full.


  1. Sagging lips

Some girls seem like they are born with poker faces. They look very cool. Sagging lips look cold and distant especially when without smiling. The drooping corners of their mouths are the biggest factor that they are often misunderstood. If you want to have a raised corner of the mouth, in the lip makeup, the first step is to use lipstick to widen the thickness of the lip, then outline the curved curve on the lower lip, and finally use light lipstick to be slightly higher than the lip shape. A little bit is used to locate the corners of the lips, and you can even use the eyebrow pencil to deepen the contours of the corners of the lips as shadows. You will find that the three-dimensionality of the makeup is more obvious.


  1. Narrow lips

What girls with narrow lips should care about more is not plain lips, but after wearing lipstick with saturated color, the lip shape is not delicate enough. When applying lip makeup for girls with narrow lips, you can use the eyebrow pencil to extend outward along the corners of the lips to create a slightly upward smile, and then use a light-colored lip gloss to smudge the center of the lips in a large area to present a high-gloss three-dimensional effect on the lips. The dark lip gloss is rubbed on the corners of the lips to enhance the lip shadow. After these, it can be easily used whether it is an imposing red lip or a full nude lip.


  1. the lip shape is hale

For girls with tough lips outline, no matter what kind of lip gloss is applied, it will easily become difficult to get close. If you want to do gentle makeup, when applying lip makeup, you can first use light-colored lip gloss to draw a full lip line on the periphery of a circle larger than the lip shape, and then fill it along the newly outlined rounded lip shape, you can easily create a soft lip makeup, in addition to girls with hale lips can use this trick, girls with asymmetric lips can also use it or use finger lightly smudged, it can have the effect of modifying the lip shape!

To get sexy plump lips shape

To sum up, if we want to shape lip shape more naturally, we mainly need the following steps and tools.

  1. Cover your original lip shape

When applying foundation, cover the lip line with the rest of the foundation. (Or cover the lip line with a more moisturizing concealer before applying lip makeup)

A high-coverage liquid foundation is recommended.


  1. Use a lip pencil or your lipstick to outline the lip shape you want

Trace the lip shape along the outer edge of the lip, with the upper lip contouring the peak of your desired lip, and the lower lip contour expanding slightly outward to create a full lip.

The lip pencil with a close to your lip color and a slightly harder texture is more suitable: Perfect Diary Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick


  1. Adjust the details

Use a highlighter or concealer to touch up lip details, such as the lip ridges, corners and more. Create the highlights and shadows you want. Adding shadows below the lower lip line can make your lips look plumper.


  1. Fill the lip color

Lastly, apply the lip balm to your lips with a lip brush. Lip enhancement tips: If you want to make your lips look fuller, you can use a bright pearl lip gloss (or champagne pearl eye shadow, highlighter), and apply a little on the center of the upper and lower lips, so that you can create a lip pearl like The plumpness makes the lips look fuller and more beautiful.

You can consider our lip products: Readme Floating Light Lip Gloss. It is a perfect match in this step!

The above is all the knowledge points about shaping lips, go try it!