Perfect Diary, in collaboration with the British Museum, used elements of Majolica pottery to make pattern. Cupid series (collection number: 1851,1201.5, year 1520-1530), the color of this palette extracted from the pottery plate sapphire blue. Maria series (collection no.: 1878,1230.397, year 1530-1540), the color of this palette is mainly emerald.
Perfect Diary hopes to bring art to life through the collision of colors. This collaboration in 2018, which enabled more consumers to learn about the combination of art and makeup was very promising and interesting.

Inspired by the royal portrait collections in Metropolitan Museum of Art, Perfect Diary collaborates with Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Little Gold Diamond Lipstick. The series includes Rococo's "Love Letters" and a series of royal portraits: "Lady Grant", "Queen Victoria" and "Portrait of Napoleon I". Designers extract color and fashion elements from famous paintings and blend them into the design of lipstick. We love art, and we innovate.

Perfect Diary invited internationally renowned director い わ い し ゅ ん じ, to create the floating light series "daydream" together. This Eau De Toilette was inspired by the healing feeling of light. The theme is “Meet beautiful,  and cure ”. With a quietly elegant sweet tone, we created a series of perfume to give a sense of cure.