Step1: Concealer

Before you do your eye makeup, you should solve the uneven skin tone around your eye.

Dip a small amount of concealer and apply it to dark circles or other eye blemishes, using a concealer brush to gently pat away. This will make the subsequent makeup more pigmented.

> Acne-friendly: Eliminates acne-causing ingredients, 28 days of testing by the authority.

> Superb concealing power: Covers imperfections well and offers a delicate and clean makeup look.

> Nourishing your skin: Locks in moisture and makes skin feel moisturized.

Step 2: Set Your Makeup

Apply a proper amount of loose powder with a brush and gently press it on the eye makeup part to set the makeup. Our makeup will not come off due to skin oil secretion or sweating by this way, so it will last longer and keep you looking radiant all day long. This step can make your eye shadow smoother too.

> Fine powder quality, light as a cloud, to create a high-level skin matte makeup.

> Oil-controlling powder absorbs oil without absorbing water, controlling oil without drying out, leaving a clear and dry look.

> Maintains a long-lasting, refined look.

Step 3 - Key Part

Use an eyeshadow brush to take an appropriate amount of light matte texture eyeshadow powder to the eye socket, take the middle color to apply to the eyelid, then the brown eyeshadow apply to the end of the eye, and finally embellish with glitter. It is important to note that the powder must be taken in small amounts and many times. Otherwise, there will be creasing or looking cakey.

> A three-dimensional, concave and convex package design with a matte finish combined with frosting and other techniques to reflect wildlife patterns.

> A variety of textures: smooth matte, shiny pearl, soft, new mixed color with a variety of textures.

> Self provided brush: double-headed professional brush is easy to carry.

In the End: Bigger Your Eyes

Thick eyelashes are also an essential part of perfect eye makeup. First, use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes from root to tip to create a perfect curve. Then use a mascara brush to brush each lash in a Z pattern. Make sure each lash is evenly coated with mascara and not clumped. Then there are more luminous, bigger eyes!

> The microfibers wand will grab each lash right from the roots and clump out any excess mascara resting.

> The curved lifting brush creates flawless, fanned-out, and fluffy lashes with added lift effortlessly.

> Quick-drying formula to keep your lashes long-lasting all day long.