Here we have 4 best tips for deep set eyes on their eye makeup. You don’t have to apply all these tips in one go. Just one or two of them is enough to make a difference in your makeup. If you want to make some changes to your everyday eye look. Learn these techniques and store them in your idea box in case you need them one day or another.

Do Something with Your Obvious Brow Bones.

Use some light color powder, no matter if it’s eyeshadow or highlighter, to apply on your obvious brow bones. It’s a killing technique to bring away some attention to the natural shadow around your eye socket caused by the noticeable brow bone.

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Be Bold to Apply the Glitters

Glitters of any color you put on your eyelids can really draw attention from people. They work as an amplifier of your eyes. For deep set eyes, try light shimmers from your eyeshadow palettes, such as champagne, peach, or just silver. They sparkle around your eyes nicely.

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Try Not to Save Your Bright Shimmers at the Inner Corner of Your Eyes

Why do you have to pay special attention to the inner corner of your eyes? Because that makes your eyes pop so that people can hardly feel that you have this deep set eyes.

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Conceal Your Dark Circles or Eye Bags

Deep set eyes owners are more likely to have dark circles or eye bags. It’s crucial for them to cover up those weaknesses. A great concealer palette can help in a better way due to its multi-color feature.

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