Don’t Ignore the Base

Whenever emo makeup is mentioned, people tend to think about eye makeup or lip makeup as these two parts are very typical and eye-catching for an emo look. However, the base for such a special look has features that play an important role. Without a clean and fresh base, the coming heavy eye makeup will look messy. So regarding the foundation used here, you need it to fully cover the blemishes on your face.

❆Matte Coverage: Oil-free finish. Blurring Effect. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients that are ideal for pimply skin.
❆Second-Skin Finish: Your Skin but Better. Weightless. Breathable. Blendable. Buildable. Sweat-resistant, water-proof, and non-cakey.
❆SmartLOCK Technology: Collaborated with Nanotechnology State Key Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop the exclusive makeup-locking technology for a matte finish.
❆Three colors of ivory, beige and natural, make it possible to perfectly fit with your skin color.

The Core Eyeliner Is Worth Your Careful Selection.

If you select the wrong eyeliner, you are already saying goodbye to a qualified emo makeup. Smokey eyes are considered the most suitable eye look for an emo look. To create smokey eyes, you need eyeliner which is easy to present the dark color on your waterline and eyelids. It should be smooth but hard to smudge.

❆An eyeliner that's Super easy &ultra-precise application, smudge-proof and long-lasting.
❆Upgraded Inner Material: Active ingredients help to nourish eyelashes and make them healthier.
❆Upgraded Packaging Material: Imported patented packaging structure to cope with external temperature changes and prevent leaking.
❆Super-Easy Application: Effortlessly delivers crisp, even and precise lines along the lid.

Find the Magic Eyeshadow.
Since the eyeliner will be thick and dark, the eyeshadow should not be bright or pastel. The smokey eyeshadow usually includes black, deep gray, or deep brown. Be bold to apply the darkest color you have in your eyeshadow palette.

❆[Glamorous Glittering Golden Brown] Inspired by the animal leopard and its habitat, this multi-gradient golden brown eyeshadow palette is perfect for your fall and winter makeup.

❆[Various Textures x Numerous Colors] Easy to create perfect makeup. The unique formula makes it easier to smoothly and evenly apply. The wide color range meets your needs for diverse eye makeup looks.

❆[Fashionable Wild Leopard Print] The brand new packaging with wild leopard print, takes you to explore the stylish wild beauty vibe.

Get the Mascara That Thickens Your Look.

Emo makeup is all about making everything thick in your look. Once you find that thick mascara, don’t hesitate to apply as much as possible. You may have to repeat applying it three times, but what’s bad about it? Nothing is wrong.

❆A mascara that coats individual lashes from root to tip naturally and provides maximum curl & weightless length.
❆The microfibers wand will grab each lash right from the roots and clump out any excess mascara resting.
❆The curved lifting brush creates flawless, fanned-out, and fluffy lashes with added lift effortlessly.
❆Quick-drying formula to keep your lashes long-lasting all day long.