Make Perfect Basic Makeup

> Silicone coating technology that maintains concealance while effectively preventing floating powder.

> Hydrophilic pigment factor (applied no powder).

> Voluminous powder ions (light on makeup).

> Long-lasting, clear and skin-friendly. Flawless matte finish.

> Suitable for mixed or oily skin types.


To better shape our lips, we can use a concealer to blur our original lip shape and cover up the dullness around the lips. A good concealer can achieve a strong coverage while being hydrating and non-cakey. Here we can also use concealers to cover up blemishes and acne marks on our face.

Full Lips Makeup-Lips Line

Color Your Lips

Fill in your lips with a nude or a lighter shade of lipstick that you want to use, remembering to cover the lip line but not beyond it. This way you get natural looking thick lips. Apply a dark matte lipstick or lip glaze in the same shade to the inside of your lips, gradually blending with your finger or a lip brush towards the outside, this step is for dimension. Finish with a layer of hydrating lip glaze, which will give your lips a fuller look.

We break fresh ground with this summer-loving lip gloss. It goes on dewy and glossy, leaving behind a soft tint that lasts, for a clean, kissable look.
> Cute and buildable colors that inspired by CRUSH.

> Non-sticky, lightweight formula that hydrates your lips all day.

> Goes on dewy & leaves behind a soft tint that last.

Match Your Full Lips-Arched Eyebrows

In order to match the sexy full lips, straight and flat eyebrows are not a good choice. The color of the eyebrows should be relatively thick too, and the eyebrow peak should rise moderately.

> 1mm flat tip design with a very fine duckbill shape. Naturally fit the eye shape, easy to pull out the sharp end of the eye.

> Silky Smooth: Featuring silky smooth formula, nicely pigmented in one swipe.

> 12 Hours Smudge-proof: With WITHOUT BLOT TECH™ applied, offers a seamless finish with instant film-forming, non-smudging, as well as water-and-sweat resistant effect while staying in place for 12 hours.