Base Makeup:


Before makeup application, apply the right amount of essence or toner to moisturize the skin well and avoid dry lines. When applying makeup, be sure to gently press a small amount of foundation make-up on the face with a powder puff for many times, and evenly pat it off.

> Moisture makeup feeling: a variety of plant ingredients, so that the makeup is perfectly moist

> Delicate and flattering: using Japanese OTS wet processing technology, the powder is delicate and easy to push away

> Full range of colors: ten colors to meet the needs of different makeup effects

Eye Makeup:

first use a champagne or off white eye shadow as the base, then use a little darker color like light pink, smoke pink or peach eye shadow, and gently sweep a small amount of it several times at the eye socket. You can choose the texture with fine flash or pearl light, but do not have too strong metal feeling, and the eyeliner should not be too thick.

> A three-dimensional, concave and convex package design with a matte finish combined with frosting and other techniques to reflect wildlife patterns.

> A variety of textures: smooth matte, shiny pearl, soft, new mixed color with a variety of textures.

> Self provided brush: double-headed professional brush is easy to carry

Powder Blusher:

It is recommended that pale pink, smoky pink or peach color. You can apply it with light circles on the apple muscle, or with a light touch under the eyes. Never overdo it, otherwise it will not match with the overall makeup.

> A delicate trio of bronzer, highlighter, and blush in one convenient compact.

> Ultra long-lasting that lasts up to 12hrs.

> Silky-smooth texture with a natural satin finish that never goes on streaky or cakey.

Lip Makeup:

Prime your lips with lipstick before applying makeup to avoid dry lips. Then apply a thin layer of light pink, smoky pink or peach colored lipstick or lip glaze on the lips, and then apply a thick layer on the inner side of the lips, which can make the lip makeup more layered and colorful.

> Shy color mixing: the pink tones and orange tones are just right, which accurately restore the blush of girls' shyness, and let the shyness melt into their lips;

> Dual use of lips and cheeks: melt in one faint, and easily create a shy girl look;

> Two textures: light velvet texture creates soft matte makeup effect, and water gloss texture creates glass lips. The two styles are optional.