The foundation should be light and thin

It’s very important to keep the foundation as light and thin as possible. At the same time, the blemishes should be covered properly as well.

> Matte Coverage: Oil-free finish. Blurring Effect. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients that are ideal for pimply skin.
> Second-Skin Finish: Your Skin but Better. Weightless. Breathable. Blendable. Buildable. Sweat-resistant, water-proof and non-cakey.
> Smart LOCK Technology: Collaborated with Nanotechnology State Key Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop the exclusive makeup-locking technology for a matte finish.

The eyebrow should be natural

The eyebrow part needs to be natural and distinct, so that the overall makeup looks more agile.

This double-ended pencil fills, defines, and shapes your brows like nobody’s business.
> 3D hexagonal pencil for super easy brow-filling and shaping.

> Dual-ended design with a built-in blender, easier to blend color and shape for precise, defined brows.

Eyeshadow should be light and long-lasting

The makeup of the eyeshadow part needs to be kept light and long-lasting, and the color should echo with pink nude, avoiding too heavy eyeshadow color.

> Inspired by the fancy natural color of natural gemstones. Through fine adjustment of hue, saturation, and brightness, makes eyeshadows match the colour of your facial skin to create the impression of not having eyeshadow on. It delivers a natural finish quickly, and it's versatile that's suitable for a variety of skin tones, makeup finishes, and occasions.

> Self-Setting Formula - with the Amino acid wrapping technology* (the same amino acid as the one in your skin) applied, the powder is ultra-fine, silky, and easy to blend, transfer-proof, and longwear for 10 hours.

> Exclusive & Convenient - Natural gemstone-inspired packaging with unique raw-gemstone-like texture and luster, highlighting exclusive texture, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Pink Nude Lips Makeup

This summer-loving lip gloss goes on dewy and glossy, leaving behind a soft tint that lasts, for a clean, kissable look.
> Cute and buildable colors that inspired by CRUSH

> Non-sticky, lightweight formula that hydrates your lips all day

> Goes on dewy & leaves behind a soft tint that last

This lipstick comes in natural fancy colors inspired by natural gemstones, flattering on any skin tones perfectly. Raw is The Next Level.
> 【Natural, Neutral】With plant extracts and a fine adjustment between oil esters and toner to strike the right balance between skin-loving formula and rich pigment, delivers a super seamless and luxe nude lips look.
> 【Low Saturation】Comes in natural fancy colors inspired by natural gemstones, flattering any skin tone perfectly.
> 【Exclusive Packaging】Comes in a tube with raw-gemstone-like texture and luster, and in exclusive fashion style.