In order to match the non-aggressive puppy dog eyeliner, it is best to make gentle eyebrows as well. Make the end of the eyebrow level with the head of eyebrow,or drop the end of the eyebrow slightly, all can reach this effect.
The color selection is also a matter of concern, I think brown is a better choice.

> Hexagonal with 8 sections, the pen tip is used to outline the eyebrow shape, and the wide side is used for fast color filling.

> Silky refill for smooth color application.

> Color filling, smudging and finishing in one stroke

Eye Shadow

The eye shadow part should also be matched with the makeup effect of the puppy eyeliner, and light eye shadow should be used to create a gentle feeling: first, use a large eye shadow brush to gently smudge the upper and lower eyelids, and then use a small eye shadow brush to dip a deeper eye shadow to deepen the color at the root of the eyelashes. Finally, the middle part of the upper eyelid is decorated with pearlescent or sequins.

> Each palette features 12 dreamy colors that inspired by animals.

> Comes in a range of novel and blendable shades in matte, pearlized, soft, shimmering, and metallic finishes.

> Bonus: A double-headed professional brush and a mirror attached inside.


The eyeliner step is very critical. If you want to have a pure sense of innocence, the eyeliner should not be too prominent, but at the same time make the eyes more intelligent. Then the inner eyeliner is a very good choice. We use a brown eyeliner pen to draw an inner eyeliner. The eyeliner at the end of the eye should not be pulled too long, and at the same time it should be slightly downward.

> Upgraded Inner Material: Active ingredients help to nourish eyelashes and make them healthier.

> Persistent color development without faint dyeing.

> Smooth discharge: 420m continuous discharge.

Lip Makeup

To match the puppy eyeliner makeup, bright and heavy in color lipsticks are not in our choice. Light pink, peach, or coral colors are the better choices. When applying lipstick, be careful not to apply your mouth too full and render it lightly from the middle of your lips outwards to give a better natural effect.

> Shy color mixing: the pink tones and orange tones are just right, which accurately restore the blush of girls' shyness, and let the shyness melt into their lips.

> Dual use of lips and cheeks: melt in one faint, and easily create a shy girl look.

> Two textures: light velvet texture creates soft matte makeup effect, and water gloss texture creates glass lips. The two styles are optional.