The right eyeshadow palette is essential

> 100% suitable for smokey eye make-up: uniform earthy tones with different textures, including matte and preadolescent, are the best choice for creating smokey looks.

> Exclusive & Convenient - Natural gemstone-inspired packaging with unique raw-gemstone-like texture and luster, highlighting exclusive texture, lightweight, and easy to carry.

> Self-Setting Formula: with the Amino acid wrapping technology* (the same amino acid as the one in your skin) applied, the powder is ultra-fine, silky, and easy to blend, transfer-proof, and long wear for 10 hours.

A suitable eyebrow makes the makeup more three-dimensional

> A palette of 4 natural and easy-to-wear colors: high-light powder, nose shadow powder, and dark shades for eyebrows.

> Waterproof Formula: The creamy formula glides on skin and hair smoothly and won't fade.

> Easy Application: Stays put even on oily skin or in humidity.

> Portable and practical: The practical 4-in-1 eyebrow kit contains a mirror and three brushes, making it possible to retouch your makeup at any time.

Use the tip of the eyeliner along the base of your upper and lower lashes, using a little oblique head brush to make it more even and smooth.

> Silky Smooth: Featuring silky smooth formula, nicely pigmented in one swipe.

> 12 Hours Smudge-proof: With WITHOUT BLOT TECH™ applied, offers a seamless finish with instant film-forming, non-smudging, as well as water-and-sweat resistant effect while staying in place for 12 hours.

> 1mm flat tip design with a very fine duckbill shape: Naturally fit the eye shape, easy to pull out the sharp end of the eye.

Delicate eyelashes to enlarge your eyes

> A mascara that coats individual lashes from root to tip naturally and provides maximum curl & weightless length.

> Micro-crystalline wax, quick-drying factor: to form a stronger three-dimensional support on the surface of the eyelashes, the makeup is set immediately

> Air cushion brush head + ultra-fine spherical silicone powder: The brush head is hollow and takes a moderate amount of powder. The ultra-fine silicone powder is a uniformly sized spherical powder with no debris or large particles, making the mascara less likely to clump and more distinct.