Can You Distinguish Lip Makeup Products

Still struggling with how to choose lip makeup products or what to use for lip makeup? Can you distinguish lip makeup products? Do you know what lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick and lip glaze are? What's the difference between lipstick, lip gloss, lipstick and lip glaze? Now let's learn together, and at the end of the article there are two lip makeup good things to recommend. Read now to find out more about lip products.

Introduction of Different Lip Makeup Products

1. Lip makeup products lip balm
Lip balm is to show the kind that protects lip commonly, do not contain color, but a lot of lip balm also contain color now!

2. Lip makeup products lip gloss
The lip gloss is shinier, suit little girl especially, suggest besmear with the lip balm that has bask in effect to besmear lip gloss again first. If your lip gloss is relatively dark, it is not suitable for direct lip gloss, this is not much effect, lip gloss is suitable for lip gloss is more bright red people use. lip gloss is darker, had better use upper lip balm to moisten lip ministry first, use lipstick to deepen color again, use lip gloss to lift bright lip gloss finally, can reduce lip grain and!

3. Lip makeup products lipstick
Lipstick’s color-lasting effect is better, not easy to take off makeup, high coverage and harder. It has the longest use history.

4. Lip stain
It can create a natural look, liquid or gel-like, long-lasting but moisturizing and coverage is lower.

5. Lip makeup products lip glaze
What is lip glaze? Now editor will tell you about a lip glaze! Lip glaze is painted on the lips, and lip balm is full of color and also moisturizing, and lip glaze can also modify the lip shape. It is a very popular product now.

The Differences of Lip Glaze and Lipstick
1. Form is different: lipstick is solid commonly; the texture is drier and harder than lip gloss and lip stain. The lip glaze is usually liquid and relatively sticky.

2. Colour rendering index is different: lipstick color saturation is high, color cover force is strong, can modify lip shape. And lip glaze in addition to lipstick these effects, can also be used for people with deep lip lines, some also has the watery gloss of lip gloss.

3. Compared with Lipstick, lip glaze contains less pigment (pigment) and wax (wax), so it is relatively healthier.

Overall speaking, lip glaze is lipstick and lip stain two in one, combined with the full color of lip balm and the watery bright gloss of lip stain. So compared other lip makeup products, most women are more favored with lip glaze more. The lip glazes is not only full of color, good moisturizing performance, but also lasting makeup all day!

Recommend Lip Makeup Products for Beginners
In the end, two daily use lip makeup products below would be recommended. You can also refer to other users' reviews.

floating light lip gloss • color 101 i got you

Floating Light Lip Gloss
Why it’s special:
A hydrating, refreshing lip gloss that delivers a long-lasting dewy shine and plumper lips look with non-sticky effect.
Glides on glossy & get a long-lasting soft tint as the gloss fades.
Non-sticky, lightweight formula delivers all day hydration.
Buildable colors, sheer-to-medium coverage.

Floating Light Lip Gloss Review:
The price is fair, the shape is chic, I love it! The color is really suit for people like who don't want to put a lot of makeup products on their face. It's my favorite product recently. It's fit light makeup or no makeup, sexy and sweet both can get.

weightless velvet lip stain • color 003 don't judge me

Weightless Velvet Lip Stain
Why it’s special:
The pure white business card body, whispers lightly, and reads the true nature of your heart. Lightweight and transparent texture, matte foggy, natural lip color.
Refreshing lip finish: smooth velvet, weightless and seamless. Create a natural and semi-matte lips finish.

Weightless Velvet Lip Stain Review:
The perfect diary just flashed into my heart! I will not allow anyone who does not know the Perfect Diary Weightless Velvet Lip Stain. The 008 Long time no see is a peach pink rose color. I think this is the most daily and special one in velvet series. It has golden fine flash, but not too exaggerated. I really love it.

I hope this article can help you!