How to Apply Eye Highlighter

The function of the highlighter is to increase the brightness of the highlight area of the face, so that the light and shadow form a visual contrast, so as to increase the three-dimensional sense of the facial features.

In addition to this well-known usage, highlighter can also make base makeup more radiant, say goodbye to dullness, and achieve some special makeup effects. Highlights are mainly concentrated in the middle area of the face, above the laughing muscle, T-zone (forehead, bridge of the nose, jaw), and highlighter can also be applied to the nasolabial folds, which can make your face smoother and fuller, although everyone's face is different. but the highlight areas are very similar.

Eye highlighter can beautify the tear troughs, dark circles and bags under your eyes. By brightening the skin around the eyes, dark circles or tear troughs will disappear visually.

Where Should Highlighter Be Used

Where you want to highlight, then where the highlighter is. Therefore, in general, highlighters are applied in these places: forehead, T-zone, under-eye triangle, and chin. Of course, the cheekbone muscle is also indispensable. Smile in the mirror and you'll be able to find it. As you can see, here we will mainly introduce the usage of eye highlighters.

How to Use Eye Highlighters to Beautify Your Eyes Tear Troughs, Dark Circles & Bags

1. The first step in reducing eye swelling is to do concealer, because the pigmentation around the eyes will not only affect the delicate sense of eye makeup, but also large-area defects such as dark circles and tear troughs will also affect the makeup. It looks more swollen, so we need to cover them with concealer before applying eyeshadow.

2. The concealer should be moisturizing and can avoid the problem of sticky powder and floating powder. Opt for a brighter foundation to brighten the area under the eyes, which will give you a more vibrant look.

3. How to use eye highlighter: First use a brush or fingers to appear under the eyes, and use a round brush to dab the highlighter in your eyes tear troughs. You can choose a color that is few lighter than your skin as a brightening color. This color will be more natural than glitter.

4. Choose a setting powder that suits your skin tone and take a small amount with a cotton swab. Apply and press into the eye area and under the eye area to saturate the area without brightening the eye area like a pearl eyeshadow powder. The principle is also to use the dark side of the eye to achieve the effect.

5. Tip: The highlight powder cannot be directly used to cover the protruding parts, but to brighten the sunken parts, and making the sunken places have a sense of saturation is the key to repel the tear trough.

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The eyes are the most expressive areas of the face. If you want to make your eyes big, clear and attractive, you can use a combination of eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara that gives a three-dimensional effect to the eyes, which can deepen the impression of the eyes.

Products Selection

Which products should be used in which parts? How to choose a product for warm-toned and cool-toned skin?

1. Warm-toned eye highlighter
The method is to smudge the eye crease in a large area with an eye shadow close to the contouring color, and then use the highlighter or highlight color of the eye shadow palette to mark the front half of the eyelid and the lower eyelid to surround the entire eye. The inner corners should also be brightened, so that the makeup looks like it has a ring light.

2. Cool-toned eye highlighter
Use gray, silver and other eye shadows to create a small smoky eye makeup, and then use silver highlights to focus on the lower eyelid and the inner corners of the eyes. Be careful not to be like line, but use highlight particles to make the eye makeup look like a little bit sparkling. This will make the makeup look very diamond-like.

perfect diary star dust diamond highlight powder comes in four colors

Perfect Diary Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder comes in four colors

star dust diamond highlight powder

1. Warm-toned highlighter
Recommended for warm skin tones, it is most suitable for eye makeup with gold, orange and earth tones. Use it in the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the top of the eyes. The highlights on the cheekbones and the reddish-brown blush blend naturally, as if the sun was shining. There are Light Champagne and Golden Champagne, the former is more natural and can be used on the brow bone and cheeks, blending with the skin naturally; the latter is more high-key and bright, suitable as a brightening champagne gold with caramel bronze color, suitable for Warm-toned skin creates intense eye makeup.

Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder 01 Silvery White

2. 01 Silvery White
Cool toned. It is recommended for cool-toned skin, and it is most suitable for eye makeup of blue, purple and silver. Apply a cool-toned highlighter to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and browbones. If you feel that the powder highlighter is not enough, you can add more liquid highlighter to enhance it. The makeup looks especially cool under cool-toned spotlights.

perfect diary official star dust diamond highlight powder 05 pink champagne

3. 05 Pink Champagne
The pink tone is a special highlighter tone. It can be used as both a blush and a highlighter to create a natural and good complexion, and it will show more vitality if you apply some to your nose.