Do you need the best purple lip gloss? Why not try this?

Have you found your best purple lip gloss? For women, the topic of lipstick is really hard to talk about for three days and three nights. Although in the eyes of some men, lipstick is just a color, either red or pink, how do they understand the charm of lipstick?  For example, today, let's talk about purple lipstick.

Purple-toned lipsticks are not very daily, and it is no problem to go out or play, but the premise is that you must wear makeup, even if it is a light base makeup. Of course, each coloring effect is different, and the texture is different, so we will tell you in detail.

How to select the best purple lip gloss?
Purple has always given people a sense of noble, sexiness, and mystery, so purple lipsticks also make people sexier, avant-garde, and chic with their unique color charm! You might think that fair-skinned people look good in any type of lipstick. Of course, not everyone's complexion is so bright, and the skin texture is so good. So, choose the right purple for different skin tones!


In addition, purple lipstick is a test of lip shape. It is not just pure purple that is popular with the public. Generally, other shades are added to make purple lipsticks closer to daily life, such as brown-purple, red-purple, pink-purple, or blue-purple. So if your skin tone is dull girl, it is best to choose a purple lipstick with warm tones.

For example, some lipsticks in Perfect Diary are brown-purple and red-purple, which are excellent choices for you. If you have very beautiful wheat-colored skin, you might as well learn from Rihanna to apply pure purple lipstick!

 lip stain that delivers bold color payoff

Weightless Longwear Lip Stain is the flagship lipstick series of Perfect Diary. This lip glaze is not as dry as the lip glaze on the market, but it is more moisturizing. You don't need to apply lip balm. It is very moisturizing when you apply it directly, with a matte texture and coloring effect. First-class, and very long-lasting, the thin coating is gentler and more temperamental, and the thick coating is particularly aura.

Like we just said, if you're a fair-skinned girl, consider Color: 205 Try Me. The purple tone of this lip glaze is heavy, but it is picky about its temperament, so the makeup and clothing are as simple and generous as possible. If there are too many decorations, it may fall tacky.

For dark-skinned girls, try Color: 206 Take A Risk, the best purple lip gloss for you! This lightweight, ultra-long-lasting lip gloss delivers a bold tan-purple finish in a silky-smooth, luxurious matte formula. Moreover, the lip glaze has good ductility, high moisturization, no fading at all, and no sticking to the mug. After putting it on, there is no problem keeping it for a day, so long-lasting and eye-catching.

Another purple worthy of recommendation is Color: 203 Love Me or Never, which is both elegant and gentle, and can be easily controlled no matter what skin tone! It will not be as heavy as the first lip glaze in the front, and it will not look good with everyday clothes.

 packaging scheme inspired by leopard body

Although they have different makeup effects on the lips, they are all equally excellent in terms of color rendering, and their coverage of lip color is also relatively strong. To put it objectively, the texture of the Perfect Diary series is done very well. As long as the color is not wrong, it is unlikely to be ugly.

You can see, from the above recommendation, the texture of the main color test today is "velvet". The description on the official website is "the upper lip is matte, silky and not dry", and this texture is more friendly to girls with deep lip lines. If you're looking for some long-lasting matte finish lipsticks, then this range of lip glosses is not to be missed! In addition to purple, there are other popular colors, such as bean paste, red, and so on.

Purple lipstick is a bold way to change up your makeup, you might consider swapping out your pink or nude lipstick for purple. By applying a few lipsticks above and highlighting them with minimal eye makeup, you can create an unforgettable look that all your friends will love.