how can you make the best plum eyeshadow palette work for your perfect makeup looks

The best plum eyeshadow palette provides a mysterious and elegant makeup look. If you are updated with the latest trend in eyeshadow colors, you would have known that purple has become one of the most popular choices for eyeshadow palettes. Among all shades of purple eyeshadows, plum eyeshadow stands out with the unique feeling it creates for the users.

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However, it doesn’t mean other shades of purple eyeshadows are useless. Instead, similar shades will help you to create gradient layers and make the best effect for plum eyeshadows. Here we will go into detail about how to select a perfect plum eyeshadow palette and how to maximize the attractive effect by applying plum eyeshadows in an appropriate way.

If you are a beginner in makeup, the best plum eyeshadow palette for you should be simple. You certainly don’t need many colors on your eyeshadow palette in case they are used in the wrong way and make a nasty scene on your eyes. Since plum color comes from warm purple mixed with some black, your plum eyeshadow palette should include one dark color and one lighter purple, and for the best effect some shimmery lavender or lilac.

If you are a cosmetics pro, you can find your best plum eyeshadow palette based on your skin tones. A person with a warm skin tone is the perfect one to use plum eyeshadow. As the warm skin tone and plum color both lean to red, they can blend in a nice way. Neutral skin-toned people will have no hard time applying any plum eyeshadow palette. But for cool skin-toned people, plum eyeshadow is not recommended.

There’s no need to worry about how such a dark color will look on you, just follow the coming steps and you will get a gorgeous result. The more you practice, the better makeup looks you will get. Ready to put on some great plum eyeshadow? Let’s get started.

Step 1, just like applying eyeshadows of any other colors, the foundation of your eyes is a must especially if you have oily skin. Above the foundation, a light color primer with a little rosy tone is recommended. It adds a little color to your lids while it makes the coming steps easier.

Step 2, now it comes to the real eyeshadow applying part. Use a flat brush to dip into lilac eyeshadow and lay it on your lids in a large scale. If a brush is not very handy for you, you can pat the eyeshadow with your fingertip too. The eyeshadow should form into a fan shape on your lids with more pigment in the middle of the fan and less on two ends. Now you have obtained the basic look and it looks pretty natural.

Step 3, here comes the technical part. Take a darker shade of purple eyeshadow to lay on the outer half of your eyelids, and try to blend it with the lilac eyeshadow which has been applied in the last step. For this step, a soft brush is preferred. If it’s hard for you to get the transition effect of the two colors of different shades, you can go back to the lilac eyeshadow and apply it at the spot where the two shades meet. In this way, the darker eyeshadow shall not cover the lighter one.

Step 4, the plum eyeshadow will just come into use at the critical point. It will be applied at the outer corner of your eyes, diffusing with the darker shade of purple you just applied in the last step. The plum color can be put a little heavier than the previous colors to make a shadow at the end of your eyes, making a strong contrast with the lilac eyeshadows.

Last but not the least, it’s time to put some light color shimmers in the middle of your lids as well as the eye socket. It can be done with a small brush or simply your fingertip. The best plum eyeshadow look depends on a strong contrast, these shimmers make that mysterious vibe of a female to the largest extent. Try it and you will never regret it!

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Eyeshadow is the soul of eye makeup. With the best plum eyeshadow palette you choose for yourself, following our simple but professional makeup steps, you can make the best look for yourselves.