Why not try metallic eyeshadow makeup? You’ve got it!

Do you love metallic eyeshadow? If you've seen Charlize Theron's red-carpet shows, she's always been a fan of metallic shades, at least for her makeup. Metal eye shadow can actually suit everyone. Its subtle light and shadow changes are full of rich layers, but many girls don’t know how to control it, but it’s actually not difficult!

If you want to try metallic eye makeup during the day, use an eyeshadow that matches your skin or is slightly lighter. So you need to use a metallic eyeshadow that is about the same shade as your skin tone so that you can maximize the charm of metallic eye makeup without overemphasizing the eyelids.

How to apply metallic eyeshadow?

different eyeshadow palettes to offer an infinite choice of effects

The metallic color will brighten up your look, so keep the rest of it as understated as possible. You can find that there are many eyeshadow palettes on the market with matching colors suitable for our skin tone, so you might as well refer to them. For example, today we will use Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 02 Tiger to draw metallic eyeshadow.

This is an eyeshadow palette that can be held on various occasions. The earth tone and gray tone eyeshadow blocks are really versatile, whether it is daily commuting or wanting a little smoke! The powder is very fine, it does not fly or fall off, and the one with shimmer is very fine, and it does not feel cheap at all!

First of all, we need to know that although the smudging range of metallic eye makeup is large, it has distinct layers. First, use a light-colored FUR to smudge a large area of the eyelids, and then use STRIPED, which is slightly darker in the same color, within two-thirds of the original range.

Overlay, then use deeper ROAR to deepen the end of the eye, pay attention to the connection between the color blocks that must be smudged naturally, and then use TERRITORY eye shadow to hit the middle of the lower eyelid, so that the overall eye makeup has a "slightly drunk" feeling of intoxication. Finally, use the golden HUNTING eye shadow with shimmer in the middle of the eyelid and smudge it vertically, and then sweep it slightly with a brush.

 draws winged eyeliners effortlessly

By the way, don’t forget to use the black Creamy Smooth Longwear Gel Eyeliner to draw your eyeliner. Black can suppress the grand feeling of metallic color and make you look not heavy makeup. The colloidal inner core is not smudged at all. This fineness is especially suitable for sisters who like to draw inner eyeliner. The color is not very deep and obvious. It is very natural to apply makeup without eye shadow. It is not necessary to apply more layers of heavy makeup too deep.

In fact, black eyeliner is not as sharp as our traditional impression. The upper eyeliner is extended along the eye shape at the end of the eye, making the eyes look narrower and longer. The lower eyeliner is actually only lightly drawn on the root of the eyelashes so that it will not bring dirt to the makeup. It also makes your temperament more glamorous.

 the sleek gold case inspired by stiletto heels 

In terms of lipstick, nude lip gloss is a classic match for shiny eye makeup, without making the overall makeup too exaggerated. Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick's Color: L16 Rare Pumpkin and Color: L11 Cinnamon Milktea are good choices. This perfect diary's ace lipstick is moisturizing and smooth on the lips, not very dry, and has a high color payoff! Most importantly, its makeup effect will definitely make you praise it!

Finally, don't forget to put the highlight on the cheekbones! bone! superior! To make your facial features look more three-dimensional and skinnier. With the change of light, shadow, and angle, the "sparkling" at the moment brings a full sense of metal. In addition to the cheekbones, you can also highlight the lower eyebrows, even bangs can't stop the excellent browbones from showing through. Finally, the tall and straight bridge of the nose! There is no need for us to explain the reason for the position where the highlight must be played!

In sum, the large area of fine shimmering eyeshadow is full of advanced smudges, and the aggressiveness brought by the all-encompassing thin eyeliner is neutralized by the matte rose lipstick, which matches with the golden highlights on the cheekbones to become a mixed style of guns and roses. Enjoy your stage!