Red Eyeliner Looks: How to Choose A Proper One

Without a doubt, using red eyeliner will enhance your cosmetic look. You must give this shade of liner a try because it gives your appearance vibrancy and vigor.

Why choose red liner?

We've become accustomed to utilizing common beauty items every day over time. We occasionally find ourselves in a makeup rut because it's simple to get into the habit of grabbing the same items every day. If you notice that you're not as happy with your makeup regimen as usual, changing a few products is a wonderful way to make a change without putting in a lot of extra work. The best place to start is by switching from the typical black or brown eyeliner pencils.

Brightly colored eye pencils have just come into the spotlight, and this trend isn't going away anytime soon. A variety of imaginative appearances may be created by experimenting with different eyeliner colors, which can also brighten your eye color and accentuate the form. Red has greater adaptability than any other color due to its wide range of tints, making it the ideal choice to wear when you want to instantly up your beauty game.

How to wear red eyeliner?

Find the correct red liner is the first rule of red lining. It depends on the type of appearance you want to achieve. Think about the complementary color if you want to make the eye color stand out.

the color wheel, please. Your eyes will stand out more against the color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel from them.

The color you choose will also depend on your skin tone. Use a hue that has an undertone similar to the skin tone if you want the red to be more subdued. For instance, a red with a warm foundation will appear more natural on you if you have warm undertones. A red with a blue base will contrast with the skin tone more, making it stand out more. The opposite is also accurate.

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Put on comes next after you've selected your colour. Using color as an accent is a simple way to wear a trend without having the trend wear you. Use it as an accent to a neutral-colored eyeliner for a fun way to wear a burst of color. For instance, use The Perfect Diary Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner to create a black winged eyeliner and then layer on the red liner over the black. The black will add additional clarity and counteract the intensity of the red, making the red the focal point of the outfit and acting as a subtle accent.

Generally speaking, it's preferable to keep other makeup simple because red eyeliner can be fairly theatrical. To make the red eye makeup the focal point, it is advised to keep the rest of the outfit subtle. With neutral cheeks and lips or a gentle wash of color on the cheek and lip, you can counteract the red-eye effect. Be careful not to overdo the blush, and cover up any redness with foundation or concealer.

Red eyeliner looks

1. Cat-Eye

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It's best to experiment with a liner look you wouldn't often wear with an abstract red cat-eye. Even though the sharp lines applied to bare skin are simple, the contour of this liner and the vibrant pigment create a statement.

2. Ruby Red

A fantastic approach to wearing the red liner trend and keeping it stylish at the same time is to apply ruby red liner down the bottom lash line. Your eyes will stand out more when they are contrasted with a softer makeup hue. You may worry that having red around your eyes would make you appear fatigued, but if done correctly, red may really make you appear youthful and vibrant. This angular style successfully completes your makeup.

3. Cranberry Smudge

Cranberry eyeliner or shadow is a great red tint to try out if you prefer deeper, more subdued red tones. Apply the eyeliner in the shape of a wing or, for a smokier look, smudge it with your finger along the lash line. If you want to step it up a notch, use the same-colored mascara along with the liner to deepen the color without looking overdone.

4. Sheer and Scarlet

This look is the ideal illustration of how to utilize red liner and shadow to give your eyes a gorgeous, sheer watercolor appearance. Apply liner to the top and bottom lash lines, then use a delicate hand to blend the shadow into the crease for a soft, airy look.

5. Maroon shade

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A cat-eye flick at the end of thick, maroon eyeliner is elegant and stylish. Using an angled brush to guide the line so it looks clean is a quick and easy technique to achieve this liner look. If you’re using a pencil liner, apply some to the brush bristles to transfer color. Then, dip the brush in the gel pot if you're using one. To make the lash line appear neat and linked, gently glide the angled brush along the lash line.