Does It Make Any Difference Before and After Setting Spray? The Answer Is YES!

Have you checked on your makeup before and after setting spray? If you have, I bet you have seen the difference, especially after six hours of makeup wear. Setting spray is a new thing compared with setting powder. But its result is beyond the historical makeup setting products. As setting spray comes in liquid form, the convenience of using it has caught many ladies’ hearts.

What is setting spray?

Setting spray is a bottle of liquid that can be pumped out through a nozzle into a fine mist. It is used to set your makeup into a finished status. You can spray it on your whole face after you are done with your makeup to maintain a long-lasting finish. It is the secret of those delicate makeup looks that last through a whole day no matter what the odds that makeup owners encounter in the day!

Who needs setting spray?

It may be an overstatement if I tell you that everyone who wears makeup should prepare a setting spray bottle for herself. But it’s never too much to emphasize the importance of setting spray. Without setting spray, you are like wearing the most expensive but dirtiest gown.

Those who want to finish the oily T-zone problem, smudged eyeshadow, or messy eyelashes, should keep setting spray in their cosmetic bags. Before and after setting spray, your makeup may be counted into two different levels. It helps to maintain the best appearance and last till the end of your office or party. So who doesn’t want such a makeup buff? No one could ever say no!

How to choose the best setting spray for your skin?

If you are looking for an extreme finish look, you must know the nuances among various setting spray products, and pick the one that fits your skin best. Oily skin usually has more requirements for oil and shine control. Mattifying setting spray is their best friend. On the contrary, mature people look for a luminous finish to look younger. So illuminating setting spray works for them. Dry skins pay more attention to the hydrating function, making dewy formulated mist their favorite.

Is it safe to use the setting spray every day?

First, you have to be aware that setting spray is a makeup product. That means the top function of setting spray is not nourishing your skin but upgrading your face appearance. Most setting spray contains alcohol to maximize the long-lasting effect. As is known to all, alcohol makes your skin drier if you use it too often. So for dry skin, you’d better avoid the everyday use of the setting spray.

How to use a setting spray effectively?

Three steps lead you to a better effect of setting spray. First, shake your spray bottle like you shake a champagne bottle before using it. Inside the bottle is crowded with many ingredients. Sometimes, part of them is sleeping at the bottom. Shaking them into active status, assuring you get them out from every spray.

Second, hold the bottle at the right distance. The art of distance has you at awe in every game. If you hold the bottle too near, the mist comes onto your face too much. If it’s too far, not every makeup product can be set through the spray. Six to eight inches is considered a perfect distance. It’s close enough for the mist to land on every pore and far enough to prevent too much setting spray.

Third, wait for some time, and don’t fool around before it the mist gets dry on your face. Don’t rush to your pullover sweater at this setting spray moment, because you don’t want to ruin the makeup you just spend an hour on. Then you will see the magic comparison between before and after setting spray.

What alternatives do you have for setting spray?

reducing the appearance of pores and minimizing

If setting spray is not so friendly with your dry skin, you can always resort to the classic makeup finish product, the setting powder. You can choose pressed powder or loose powder as long as it melts into your pore and make a natural finish look. To reach the goal of setting the makeup on your dry face, Silky Featherweight Pressed Powder Shine-free Version from Perfect Diary will never let you down.