Silky Featherweight Pressed Powder Shine-free Version



Brand: Perfect Diary
Product Feature
  • 100% imported ingredients, most of which are selected raw materials from Japan, the United States, Germany, and other places
  • Melts effortlessly onto skin with a smooth finish
  • Weightless formula
  • Creates a blemish-free, radiant finish
  • Sweatproof, humidity-proof, waterproof, and transfer-resistant. Provides long-lasting coverage

Shade Guide

Shine-free Version

B01 Warm Ivory 
B02 Light Beige 
P01 Porcelain
P02 Cool Beige 

Classic Version
B01 Warm Ivory 
B02 Light Beige
01 Pure Ivory 
02 Natural Ivory 
03 Natural Beige


"Talc powder", "polydimethylsiloxane", "triethoxyoctylsilane", "talc powder, polydimethylsiloxane", "silica, octanoic acid / capric acid triglyceride, polymethylsiloxane", "boron mononitride", "talc powder, glyceridibehenic acid ester, Glyceridic behenic acid ester, sanshanine)", "cetyl polydimethylsiloxane", "polydimethylsiloxane", "nylon-12", "silica", "phenyl polytrimethylsiloxane"“ (water, jellyfish extract, butanediol) "," alumina "," silica, fullerene "," phenoxyethanol "," tocopherol acetate "," tin oxide, CI 77891, mica "," polymethylsiloxane, aluminum hydroxide, mica, polydimethylsiloxane, CI 77891) "," (CI 77492, triethoxyoctylsilane, talc powder) "," (CI 77491, talc powder, triethoxyoctylsilane) "," (CI 77499, talc powder, triethoxyoctylsilane)“ , "(ethylhexyl HYDROXYSTEARATE, CI 77163)"

Net content: 7g
Shelf Life: 3 years
Warm Tips: Store in a cool dry place. Do not put under direct sunlight.

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